Universe Sector ??113, Safe Haven, is an artificially created universe housing a most unlikely research team.

Pseudonymus, the original resident of Safe Haven and the first Observer operative to travel the multiverse within a single host body, has a habit of bringing in “strays” whenever he finds a potentially useful ally.

Anya, another Observer, is a mild-mannered young woman originally born into a high class family. She ran away from home, believing she could do more good in the world with a group of traveling scholars than she could as royalty. She fell in love with Pseudonymus shortly after awakening to her Observer heritage.

Dr. Joseph Bell, a vampire with a background in science and medicine, who has basically zero concept of delicacy or social graces.

Diane, a former child prodigy and psychiatric nurse turned vampire. Rather sickeningly sweet and naive, despite being highly intelligent.

Gloria Pandini-Sŏwka, a computer and security specialist from a world line were humanity had developed interstellar travel, speaks sarcasm as her first language and has a deep, deep love for 1950’s fashion.

Sophia and Mark are Gloria’s adopted children, age 12. They have a complicated history, but now that they have an opportunity to get back on track with their educations in a way that would interest any kid, the twins are flourishing.

Cordova, an AI that once monitored the interstellar ship belonging to Gloria’s late husband, Derek. She’s one of few who can keep up with Gloria’s sarcasm.

Dr. Cal Eckman, a former vampire, is now an AI who advises the various residents of Safe Haven. He developed wormhole technology and was working on other scientific breakthroughs before accidentally offending another group of “supernatural” beings and ending up killed for it. He then spent 500 years as a ghost waiting for the results of his final experiment, which brought on the end times in his home world.

Annika Bergstrom, a Swedish-speaking, ass kicking vampire and former environmental and civil rights activist. Despite having little formal education, she is quick-witted and can solve most puzzles tossed her direction. She also takes it upon herself to protect the more innocent members of the group, feeling that, with her higher-than-average physical strength, it is her duty to ensure the safety of the people that gave her a second chance after the fit hit the shan on her home world. Annika is partially deaf and walks with a cane due to an old injury from before she became a vampire.

Izumi, a young woman from the first group of Celestial Soldiers, also known as the Children of the Guardians due to the fact that they were literally built out of the fabric of space and time by beingsfrom 26-dimensional space-time. Her full title is Lady of the Quasar and Daughter of Kali, though she has been known by many names in her travels. Izumi’s abilities include manipulation of gravity and light. Fluent in several languages from around the multiverse, Izumi can swear a streak that would make a drunken Irish sailor cry.

Aiden, Izumi’s boyfriend, was born with a weaker version of the space fold technology hard wired into his genetic code. He met Izumi during the final world war on their home world and fell in love with her after saving her life a few times. He raised his younger sister after their mother died during said war.

Alexis (Lexi) is Aiden’s little sister. She was also born with a version of the space fold technology within her genetic code, and is an amazingly talented prodigy child, able to understand multivariable calculus at age 8.

Elliana is an android with self-learning abilities and a body based on nanotechnology that allows her to grow in a very similar way to human children. She is the equivalent of about 8 or 9 years old, but much like Lexi, she is a prodigy child.

Hikari is a 36 year old woman with a very, very complicated history. We’ll be adding to her summary as more becomes clear in the webcomic and story anthologies!

This unique group travels the multiverse seeking to learn everything they can as part of the Observers’ larger goal of developing an ongoing theory of everything.


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