Return from Haitus and New Posting Schedule

Good afternoon, everyone!

I’d like to apologize for leaving the comic for so long. I’ve had some health problems, which very nearly cost me the university term. It’s a long story, but I’m pleased to announce that I’m doing much better! My partner-in-crime and I have a lot of dialogue written, which I will be illustrating over the next week, and scanning into the queue around mid-month.

With that said, my new health situation and university obligations have necessitated a change in posting schedule.

We will have weekly scheduled episodes every Friday evening at 7PM Pacific time. I’m hoping to begin posting new pages on June 17th, 2016. I’ll post something that day either way, even if it’s just a filler page – but I sincerely hope to be back into the story by then! I’m looking forward to jumping back into work!

Again, I sincerely apologize. Some of you may be aware that I have a health condition that causes chronic pain due to a car accident back in 2014. That condition has recently deteriorated and for quite a while, I was unable to sit up for extended periods of time, let alone leave my house for anything other than school. This contributed to a lot of depression and anxiety issues, which contributed to the pain, and so on. It was never my intention to abandon the story less than half way into the introductory chapter!

So, thank you so much for your patience. We’ll be back online very soon! In the meantime, hold on tight, we’re getting ready to roll. Please keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times. We are not responsible for injuries or lost property while in the park. Unattended children will be given espresso and a free kitten (we’re all out of puppies) before being sent to the cupcake buffet.

Prepare yourselves.

Claire Aednat


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