Posting schedule

Good afternoon, everyone!

Claire here. I just want to drop a note on posting schedules.

We’re going to be using a loose 3-days-a-week schedule for now, to see how it goes. If I can keep up with the work well enough to maintain a two-week backlog of comics ready for publication on this schedule, it’ll stay that way. If not, we’ll back off until I can maintain it.

So I’m thinking our normal schedule will be Monday-Wednesday-Friday with occasional bonus pages/artwork in between (bonuses will be announced in both the installment previous to and after it appears)

Apart from that, keep an eye out as this site continues to evolve! I’m hoping to get an FAQ section up and running (even though I haven’t received any questions yet. I suppose that would make it more of an “anticipated questions” page.)

I guess that’s about all I needed to mention here.

Safe Travels,

Claire Aednat


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